Panthers Claw Through the Cougars


Courtesy of Ada Evening News

The night was young as the Ada Cougars strides on to the court.  The Cougars have been practicing all week to beat the Harrah Panthers.  When the teams went for the jump ball, the battle began.  The Lady Cougars were the same way as they went in with a fire burning in their hearts.

The Cougars offense was successful multiple times as the game went on.  Soon however the Panthers’ defense was solid and stop the Cougars from scoring so easily.  The Lady Cougars were having the same problem as the Lady Panthers stopped several drives.

Ada’s defense was on point but the Panthers were just unstoppable.  The Cougars were able to stop the Panthers for a short time but were unable to hold them for the entire game.  The Lady Cougars tried stop the Panthers but couldn’t stop the unremitting force of the Panthers.

Both the Lady Cougars and the Cougars were just unable to make a comeback.  The score for the Lady Cougars was Ada 44 and Harrah 62.  The Cougars score was Ada 46 and Harrah 68.  The loss was devastating as Ada puts another loss around their belt.