Trimming the Lions’ Claws


Courtesy of Ada Evening News

The journey was close to home as the Cougars went to Durant.  As the game began, the Cougars set off to try to get the upper hand on the Lions.  The intensity of the game was high through out the whole game as the two teams battled for the win.

The Cougars’ offense came out a little rocky, but soon the Cougars were able to smooth out the edges. After that, the Cougars were able to score at will.

Ada’s defense also came out a little rough, but after a couple of minutes the Cougars were able to make some stops against the Lions.

As the game came to an end, the Cougars were able to pull away winning the game.  The final score was Ada 53 and Durant 43.


The Lady Cougars had no trouble dealing with Durant.  As the game went on, the crowd could easily see the game was very one-sided.  The Lady Lions seemed to be at the Lady Cougars’  mercy.

The Lady Cougars’ offense was just amazing.  The Lady Lions were unable to stop Ada as they continued to score over and over again.

The Lady Cougars’ defense was very solid, as well as effective.  Durant couldn’t seem to be able to run very many successful plays.

Ada swooped away Durant with an amazing win.  The final score of the game was Ada 59 and Durant 35