Rumble in the Jungle


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As the night grew colder, the Harrah Panthers and the Ada Cougars went out to battle for the District Championship.  As the game began to start, the crowds roared with anticipation and all eyes were focused on the battle on the field.

The offense was trying their hardest to to maintain a good lead, but Harrah’s defense was a challenging foe.  Despite this fact, Junior runningback, Shiloh Windsor, made a amazing 85 yd touchdown to kick off the game.  The Cougar offense made multiple great drives throughout the game.

The defense was just as aggressive as always; however, the Panthers were a well disciplined team.  Even though the Cougars were able to stop many of the drives, the Panthers continued to score as the game went on.  The Panthers were indeed a worthy foe for the Cougars.

The Cougars were giving the Panthers their all when the final buzzer rang.  As all eyes fell upon the scoreboard, there was a collective gasp of the crowd.  The final score was Cougars 35 and the Panthers 42.

The Cougars had fought well but, in the end, suffered the defeat.  The Cougars were disappointed, but the playoffs are just around the corner.  Continue to Support the Cougars as they head for the playoffs and win that gold ball.