Cougars Back on the Hunt


Photo: Jeanie Neal

Courtesy of Jeanie Neal

Friday night, the Ada Cougars went up against the Madill Wildcats with fire in their hearts. With the final score being 37 to 2, the Ada Cougars won the game with ease and are pumped for the next game.

The Cougars got off toa great start at the beginning of the game. Quarterback, Cory Kilby, made a short pass to number 11, Gabe Simons. Gabe easily evaded a defender and ran down the left sideline for a huge gain. He was finally dragged out of bounds after the 75 yd run.

This was a amazing play but was not the only play of the night. Before the game, Shiloh Windsor said that he was, “going to run for more yards and touchdowns,” compared to his first game. Shiloh owned up to his word and ran for over 180 yards in the game.

Shiloh was not the only one working hard during run plays. Number 22, Jacob Martinez, blocked his man for over 30 yds on a play that got the Ada Cougars a first down. TheĀ game was a great victory and there should be many more as the season continues.