AHS Sacked the Savages


Tecumseh scored a field goal to start off the game, but that didn’t get the Cougs down. Junior #1, Gabe Simons, scored Ada’s first touchdown of the game with 45 seconds left in the first. Junior #3, Cory Kilby, scored a touchdown making the score 14 to 3. The Cougs did a great job of blocking Tecumseh’s field goal attempt, leaving the score at 14 to 3 at half. Junior #24 Austin Feezel, started the Cougs off with a touchdown in the third. Neither of the teams scored anymore points for the rest of the third quarter. Senior #6, Jeremiah Larry, scored a touchdown early in the fourth making the score 28 to 3. The Savages tried to come back when they scored a touchdown late in the fourth, but the Cougs quickly stopped them in their tracks. Sophomore #33, Shiloh Winsor, scored the last touchdown of the game. The final score of last Friday’s game was 34 to 10. Way to go Cougars! Make sure to come out to this weeks home game where we will be “Out Smarting the Saints!”