How to trick or treat safely

How to trick or treat safely

Although this widely celebrated holiday is often accompanied by candy and costumes, there are some definite dangers associated with this spooky time of year.

Around Halloween, children are more likely to be exposed to tainted candy. An ABC News poll showed that 60 percent of parents worried that their children might be victimized. Last year, rumors circulated that told of Halloween sadists putting razor blades and other dangerous items into fruit and candy.

To help keep the public safe, schools hold events for children to trick or treat harmlessly and hospitals volunteered to X-ray candy bags. One way to avoid this tragedy is to monitor your candy. Inspect the sweets before you eat them and only eat food from sealed packages.

Another thing to be cautious about during this time is reckless or intoxicated drivers. If Halloween falls on a weekend, dangerous drivers are more likely to be on the roads. Ensure that you are following safe pedestrian protocol and that little ones are supervised at all times to avoid an accident.

Lack of supervision is a large issue for Halloween night. Trusting kids can be lured into dangerous situations because of the abundance of strangers.

By applying all of these safety methods and keeping a close eye on your children, you can have a safe Halloween.