London, England: A digital gallery


Photo: Kaelie Miller

When the London Eye debuted in 2000, it became known as the world’s largest ferris wheel. Located along the south bank of the Thames River, the view from the top of the London Eye offers an unimpeded view the city.

Flashback to 2014: The class of 2019 gathered into the auditorium to hear about a special opportunity presented by a man named John Garber, a well known doctor and friend to many children in Ada. He made the class a deal: if they kept up straight A’s until the end of the first semester of their junior year, he would fund a trip to London that same year for those who kept up their grades.

Flash-forward to 2018: 19 juniors and four chaperones, including two teachers who were picked by the traveling students to accompany them, headed to London, England, fulfilling the promise Garber made them all those years ago. The trip took a long time to work towards, and went by quickly, but the experience and memories will never fade.