Ms. Mango Tangos with the Pressure of Sending Nudes

Ms. Mango Tangos with the Pressure of Sending Nudes

Dear Ms. Mango,

My first impression of high school was that it was a lot different and more intimidating than Junior High. I expected High School to be very peppy and fun and the student-body to be almost a family. But the reality of it is a lot different. The people who go to school here are very judgmental and expect a standard for Sophomores to be held to.

I have been talking to an older boy. I really like him, I think he’s a great guy. But he wants me to send him nudes. I don’t necessarily want to do that but I really want him to like me back. I am not uncomfortable with my body, but I don’t want them to be sent around school. Something similar happened to one of my friends, and I don’t want to go through the embarrassment of that.

What should I do?


Confused Girl


Dear Confused Girl,

First of all, I am sorry that your high school experience has not been what you wanted so far. But I can tell you that this feeling will get better, as you get older and go through high school things will definitely get better and go how you want.

If a guy makes you feel like you have to send him a picture of your naked body in order for him to like you back, please find the nearest exit. You should never have to do anything you don’t want to do, especially if it’s to impress a boy. Boys and relationships don’t matter. Guys who only want you for your body do not deserve you.

Most of the time (especially in high school) guys will show someone else your nudes. There is really no way to avoid that. It is embarrassing and breaks trust. It comes with such a feeling of betrayal, and no one wants to feel like that. The only way you can avoid getting your nudes sent around school is by not sending them.

Don’t try to impress anyone; live your life for yourself!


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