TREAT yourself to good health!

TREAT yourself to good health!

Every year, America spends over $2 BILLION on candy for Halloween. We already consume 78g of sugar daily. That is 2-3x the amount we’re supposed to have! During Halloween we consume 4-5x more. Eating so much sugar can lead to chronic metabolic diseases in obese and thin people. Diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Even cavities occur from excessive amounts of sugar. The more sugar and candy that you eat, the more the bacteria can multiply! SCARY!

If you’re hosting a Costume party, or handing out candy, try these treats instead:

  •  Pumpkin Deviled Eggs; Add red and yellow food color to egg mixture; sprinkle paprika on top.
  •  Banana Ghost; Cut bananas in half, and make chocolate chip faces on them!
  •  Orange/Celery Pumpkins; Peel an orange, and poke a piece of celery through the top!


treat 1    treat 2


This is brought to you by your school’s HealthCorps Club.