Teacher’s Special Someone

Teachers Special Someone

Mrs. Manwell met her Valentine in college. She and her husband make and decorate cookies with their four daughters and have a fabulous dinner and usually end up watching a movie together. She and her husband usually go out to dinner to celebrate on a different day in the week. She said, “Even though its completely over commercialized, Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love. I enjoy surprising my kids and husband and remind them how much I love them (even though I tell them daily)”

Mrs. Creed met her Valentine when some friends of her parents invited her parents to a dinner. She showed up at her folks’ house without telling them, and they asked their friends if she could tag along, so she did. She thought their son was a “cutie,” and then they started dating. They usually don’t do anything particularly special, unless it is to babysit her grandchildren while her daughter  and son-in-law go out. She used to buy her husband a special CD or tape every Valentines day, but they kind of let that slide. Mrs. Creed said, “St. Valentines day is a special day to show your loved one you care.”

Mrs. Weston met her Valentine in high school. She and her husband don’t do anything because their anniversary is two weeks later. She said, “Valentines day means I need to remember to get something for my kids.”

Mrs. Hibbard met her Valentine in Georgetown, Texas. She doesn’t do anything. Its kind of a regular day. She said, “It’s a day when you recognize that special someone.. But I think you should do that everyday! Not just on Valentines Day.”

Mrs. Ray met her Valentine in a youth group at her church. Every year its something different with her and her husband, but generally her husband sends her flowers and takes her out to eat someplace romantic or she cooks him a really nice meal. She said, “Valentines day is a special day in which to show/tell the one you love how special they are to YOU.”