Track resurfacing ‘oversprays’ onto teacher, student vehicles

Over the past couple weeks Ada High has been working on re-surfacing the track. Due to the wind and the excessive amount of Crumb-Rubber (Synthetic turf used for tracks), cars parked in the senior and faculty lots now have an added second coat over their original paint job.

Over the weekend, students and faculty may have noticed the “overspray” from the track.

On Monday, Vice Principal, Eddie Jacobs, came over the intercom and asked students to come talk to him if their vehicles were affected. He took down names to send to the board office for approval to be fixed. Some students missed this opportunity.

“I heard about the overspray, of course I wasn’t concerned about it. I never noticed any on my car, but of course long past the due date to notify the principle, I took a closer look. Little rubber specks covered my car.”  said Senior Chris Henry.

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The school contacted, Mike’s Detail Shop which accepted the job of removing the overspray. This could prove to be a tedious job considering the number of cars and the time frame that it will take to complete each one.  According to Jacobs, an estimated 30 vehicles were affected.

Pearce is considering techniques for removing the rubber substance from the vehicles.

“We are going to try this new technique called clay buff. Its almost like the clay used in an art class, but we will mix it  with a mixture and rub it gently on the cars and it will strip the paint coat of any impurities such as paint or tree sap,” said Pearce.

Students and faculty have been left wondering how long it would take for their vehicles to be back to normal.  According to Pearce, it could take as few as three to four hours per vehicle or as many ans eight hours per vehicle.

The faculty and students are trying to make the best of the situation considering the company is taking care of the problem.

“Things happen, the company has a plan to take car of it. If they had not come up with a plan, then I would be mad,” said Jacobs, whose own vehicle was affected.

Monday, Mar. 7, they will test the new technique on  Multimedia teacher, Donnieta Ray’s, vehicle.  Ray’s vehicle was chosen because of its white color, which will more easily identify the success of the technique. This will determine whether or not the technique will be used on the rest of the vehicles. If unsuccessful, they will have to re-evaluate their plans.

The overspray removal for all other vehicles is scheduled to begin on Mar. 14th and could take several weeks to complete.  Mike’s Detail will call and set up appointments with everyone on the list that he has received from Jacobs.

Until, then, students are trying to take it all in stride, especially Senior, Court Teal.

“Stuff happens. Its not the end of the world,” said Teal.