Ada High under construction

As Ada High students may already know, most of the high school is under improvement construction thanks to the 2014 passing of a new bond issue. However, many students have been left wondering what the improvements will be and how long they will take.  An interview with Ada High principal, Jeff Maloy, provided some of those answers.

According to Maloy, completion time is difficult to estimate due to unforeseen setbacks. Setbacks include weather conditions, back-ordered materials, and in one instance; while putting up fencing, the the accidental taking down of a power line.

Ada High students have not been hesitant to voice their opinions on the new improvements and the potential effects.

Hannah Kasier, junior, said, ” It should’ve been done in the summer. There are more students than ever and fewer bathrooms.”

Wade Miller, senior, said, “I think it’s good that we’re improving the school, though construction is causing problems for parking and movement. My problem is I have to walk across campus to use the restroom when I need to use it very badly.”

Maloy did state that the girls bathroom was about 90% complete. The boys bathroom is still a work in progress and has had its plumbing installed; however, all the accessories still need to be added.



The football field and track had originally been slated for completion by now and are not far off. The track just needs the asphalt poured, then to sit for 10 days.  After that, the rubberized material on the track will be added, as will the markings.  Maloy has been told by the crew that the football field and track will be completed within the first two weeks of September.

New classrooms are being added to the North side of the school. The addition will be composed of six new classrooms and will include safe rooms for events such as tornadoes.

The parking lot has been in need of repairs for some time and has been scheduled to receive those needed repairs… in the future.  However, the only work that will be able to completed anytime soon will be the repainting of the parking lot spaces and numbers.  This repainting is hoped to settle parking issues for students.

The actual repairs to the parking lot have been put on hold during the school year.  One of the primary reasons for this delay is the fact that semi-trucks can cause wear and tear on the road every time they drive in and out delivering supplies to the high school. In addition to the the increased semi traffic, administration also implied that parking lot repairs will need to wait until summer when students and faculty will not be parking in the lot daily.

Maloy encourages students and faculty to remain optimistic regarding the construction and new improvements. “I’m just glad it’s being done, and when it is done, it’s gonna be really nice.”