What’s Happening in the World

Whats Happening in the World

Civilization is always changing and evolving to be better.  As the decades come and go, trends are created and used all over the world.  Even as new trends come to play, the older ones do not fade from existence.  The trends of this decade are more on the technologic side of things but are just as important as fashion or slang was in earlier decades.

The development of the iphone is one of the biggest trends in young peoples’ lives.  As the need for better communication grows, so does the need to improve on later cell phone models.  People all over the world want to connect with each other.  As this need for communication expands, so does the technology.    Technology is playing the biggest factor.

Another trend that is happening in the world is the return of Twitter.  Twitter is being used by young people everywhere as the social media site evolves for better use.  Social websites are a big thing in the world today.  Snapchat is also a big trend in the modern world.  Snapchat is an app that allows you to take a picture and send it to your friends, but it disappears as soon as your friend sees it.  It used by people of all ages; however, the app is used mostly by teens.  The down side to this app is that it is causing an addiction.

The addiction is real and here or some of the signs that you are addicted.  1) You can’t stop checking your phone.  2) Whenever you’re with a friend, you take a selfie and send it to all your other friends.  3) You obsessively retake selfies until you get the perfect shot.  4) You screenshot everything you get sent.  5) Your Snapchat is in your Instagram bio. 6) You are so obsessed with the app that you delete that app and then re-download it a day later (http://hellogiggles.com).  These are just some of the signs that you are addicted.