Teacher of the Week


This week, we got the honor of getting to know Coach Jones. We hope you enjoy getting to know him too!

 Full name:   Cole Jones

What do you teach:  Algebra II and I and 6th grade math

Where were you born:  Greenville, TX

Kids:  none

Pets:  2 horses, Lucky and Pancho, and 2 dogs, Maddie and Zoey.

Favorite color:  green.

Favorite food:  Pizza

Role Model:  Isabel G.

What do you enjoy most about your job:  Dealing with a variety of students.

Random Fact:  I team rope

What is your favorite class hour:  2nd hour.

Hobbies:  Eating

If you could have any type of exotic animal as a pet, what would it be and why:  A giraffe, because “they’re awesome!”

Why are you a teacher:  I want to make an impact on the students of the future.

That is all we have for this week’s issue! Thanks for reading!