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This is a special edition of Humans of Ada covering sophomores and how they like their first year of being at the high school.

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  • "The high school is fun. My favorite thing so far is Avid. We do projects and take notes in Avid. I like some of my teachers. But my sophomore year has been fun so far." Gabby McCormick

  • "My sophomore year is going pretty good. The high school is a lot better than the junior high. I really like open campus lunch and the freedom all around." Joni Fisher

  • "My sophomore year has been amazing. My classes are great and my teachers are amazing. I really like the off campus lunch." Kaitlynn Shaw

  • "Off campus lunch has been my favorite part of high school so far. I like the high school so far. I like all of my teachers. My favorite class is chemistry. I love science." Nicka Dickerson

  • "I am a sophomore at Ada High School and it's been going well. My teachers are all great and welcoming. All my teachers are easy to talk to. The high school is a lot different from the junior high. It is a lot easier to navigate because a it is giant circle." Landyn Owens

  • "The high school is better than the junior high because there are not little kids running around you playing tag. My favorite class is performing arts." Dezmyn McCown

  • "I am a sophomore and I love the high school. There is so much more freedom here. And I just love the seniors. The high school is so different from the junior high. The lunch is the most different thing to me." Jordan Stenberry

  • "I really like my first year of high school. I like the lunch period. It's a lot longer than at the junior high. Last year at the junior high we only had 25 minutes and having an hour is great. The people are a lot nicer here too." Gabby King

  • "The high school is a lot bigger than the junior high. I'm not really used to this much freedom. It's definitely a new environment but I am getting used to it. Education wise this year has definitely been way easier. I would definitely say my sophomore year is my easiest year." Lexey Waldron

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