Humans of Ada

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  • "I think the high school is actually very cool. It's definitely different from the junior high. It gives off the impression of being bigger than the junior high and more extensive than the junior high. Of course the classes are a little high level, which is nice. There is a general sense of freedom. I do appreciate that." Eli Grasso

  • "The high school is really fun. I feel very welcomed. My classes are harder, but I like them because they are more interesting." Macy Lowrance

  • "The high school is pretty fun. It's a little different from the junior high, especially with the new schedule and the off campus lunch. I like the whole atmosphere of the high school and the teachers are a lot more involved." Jonah Ascencion

  • "I like the high school better than the junior because of the off campus lunch and the classrooms are more open. I am liking all of my classes. They aren't harder than the junior high. The teachers are more open and willing to give help." Justice Adamson

  • "I'm liking the high school pretty good. It's a little chaotic, but it's why better than the junior high. I like the teachers and the goofy people. Some of my classes are harder than at the junior high. But it's harder in the fun kind of way." James Barrett

  • "The high school is a lot better than the junior high because we have more freedom. And I don't have to run from the high school to the junior high for band. It's just better." Caden Winchester

  • "I like the location of classes better than at the junior high. It's a lot easier walking halfway across campus. There is a lot more freedom. There's more time for lunch. There's just a lot more freedom." Cameron Ivan

  • "The high school is pretty good. There's nice teachers and a few complicated classes, but it's okay. I like the one hour lunch. It's pretty good." Mallory Hutchins

  • "The high school is pretty good. The lunch hour is different than at the junior high. My classes have been easier so far." Hallie Estep

  • "I really like the freedom at the high school and at the junior high you can't. I like the one hour lunch. My classes are harder too." Yareli Ullioa

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