Night School delivers big laughs

Night School is a comedy that keeps entertaining as you watch it. And before I talk more in depth about the movie, I want to throw a spoiler alert warning beforehand. Night School is a movie that takes place from Kevin Hart’s character’s perspective, who is named Teddy Walker. Teddy is very open minded and wants all the rewards of life instead of going in between the guidelines that he is given. But by doing what he wants to do, he quits on high school and its many tests preparing him for the future and his career.

It gets even better when he is given a BBQ and grill restaurant which goes terribly  wrong when a gas leak goes on, and without noticing the leak, he proposes to his wife. A couple of seconds later, a grill lights and blows up his restaurant and shoots him through his car’s windshield. After this occurred, he decided that in order to be a business man, he needs to get his GED, so he goes back to his old high school to do so. It continues to get better from there with fails, scenes of humor, and a lot more action than one would expect.

According to IMDb, Night School made about $27,257,615 in the U.S. on opening night, and that shouldn’t surprise you much, because even though it is a movie from a new group, it was still a huge hit and I would definitely watch it again. When I went to go see Night School, my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing at one scene which involved a grown man failing at jumping rooftop to rooftop and it is one of the best scenes out there in the film industry. This movie was very well made, and is very underrated from its movie critics. The budget, as well as some other editing, really plays a big part in this movie, having used huge explosions and other insane stunts. This comedy will definitely make its mark on movie history, and you will be very pleased with the movie if you decide to watch it.

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The characters are fictional, but that makes it even better because each character has their own personality. Teddy Walker is a man who is the basic embodiment of a high school student’s thoughts about the testing portion of the school year. Mila, played very well by Anne Winters, is a teenager who is the silent type in the back of the room, who is actually even nicer to her class throughout the movie. Fat Joe’s character, Bobby, is a man in prison who still takes his Night School classes while his prison mates distract him, which makes each of his scenes even more hilarious than the last. Rob Riggle’s character, Mackenzie, is a man who is the “best friend” to Teddy Walker, from his perspective. Al Madrigal’s character, Luis, used to work at a restaurant before Teddy made him lose his job, so he went back to get his GED to help him along the way. Romany Malco’s character, Jaylen, is a guy in the back that hates the idea of robots as well as any type of technology, and always says, “What’s good?” Tiffany Haddish’s character, Carrie, is the Night School teacher who is always standing up for her students to the skittish principal Stewart, played astonishingly by Taran Killam, who Teddy used to bully back in the day.

This movie had a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes but from my perspective, it should be an 80%. It doesn’t go straight forward with the plot like other movies, but as a matter of fact, it throws twists and turns around every corner when you least expect it to happen. But as I thought, 89% of google users liked this movie, and at least google users see more of humor, and rotten tomatoes goes for a more accurate depiction of each film. This movie is different than others around its time because this movie, from my perspective, was even better since I am in high school and am taking the ACT this month. So if you like comedy movies or have attended high school, you should go see this movie before it is out of theaters.

All in all, this movie is one of the best films that I have ever seen. It’s not a kids movie by any means, but it isn’t made only for adults either. Kevin Hart is an inspiration to many people and he aims for a specific goal and gets the job done, even if it puts him at risk. As a fan of Kevin Hart, I would just say that this is a start of a new beginning for Hartbeat Productions, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead of them in the future.

The plot of this movie is very well put together and works greatly to get the best finished product. If you are just thinking that it’s a comedy that involves adults going back to high school, you’re not wrong, but there is so much more to the movie than the eye can see.