Perks of a teenage journalist

What is journalism?

People have many different passions or hobbies, and mine is writing. In high school, you’re offered the privilege of getting to choose three different electives, and I happened to choose journalism as one of mine this year. What do we do in journalism? Our teacher gives us a set deadline each week, and we are to choose a specific topic or activity that is going on and cover it in a article. From sports, to photo galleries, all the way to reviews, or even advice columns, the variety is never ending, and you can express emotions every which way.

When it comes to writing sports articles, athletes or teachers are usually easy to interview, if they’re allowing and open to talking about the specific topic. In the interview, you ask questions according to the subject and see the points-of-view coming from their hands-on experience.

While writing reviews, you are to choose a specific subject, and go over all aspects of the movie, music, book, etc. that you choose.

Advice columns are usually anonymous. Questions are submitted, also anonymously, and then answered in a direct manner.

Photo galleries are where we take action shots of a sports match or other school event to accompany an article.  Sometimes we even create more artistic photo galleries to express or talent or interests.  For example, photos of  a tree showing the transition of its growth or even simply describing different aspects of the picture or art that often go unnoticed.

All-around, despite the many arguments the whole staff has, or disagreements that occur, we come together by the end of the week and help each other out the best way that we can. We’re a team, and like any other organization, working together always has the best outcome.

When asked how I write, I respond with one word at a time. Somethings just come to you, whether you are writing for imagination, or bringing awareness to a certain situation, and being apart of journalism gives you the opportunity to voice that.