College is Nearly Always Necessary

Opening Argument

Everyone should at least attempt college.  If freshman year were free, how many more people would go to college?  How many if one year were required, like in high schools?

How far is too far?  

Many people have qualms with college because depending on the university it could be too far from home.  This separation from family can be the proverbial kick from the nest some people need and in the future will be grateful for, whilst also providing the parents/guardians the freedom to travel and enjoy life with their significant other. Parents and guardians could be freed from the unfortunate hassles that often accompany parenthood, including privacy issues and increased monthly expenditures.  FOr students, this “kick from the nest” could help generate new experiences and allow for meeting new people.  According to a poll by USA-Today, 28% of married graduates attended the same college as their spouse.  How many people who didn’t go to or finish college missed meeting their soulmate?

Healthy Decisions

While it is true that the parents and older guardians of some students-to-be can have a wide array of health issues, there are many options for healthcare including live-in nurses if need-be.  It is a fact of life that people can get sick, and while that is regrettable, it is life. There are many healthcare options and there are nurses and doctors whose entire job is based off of people with health problems as such.  There are also online courses to completely cut out the distance and separation issues.  These are convenient and are easier in some ways than living in a dorm dealing with the “student lifestyle” of cafeterias, hallways and lectures.

Cost vs Worth

Many people have problems with costs, believing it is too expensive or that student debt is not worth it. However there are many financial aid options.  Even so, what if our freshman year were free?  And a requirement?  Many students would complain that they “don’t need it,” but how many students say that about high school?  Thousands more students would attend colleges and receive some type of degree.  A poll by Edward Jones in 2015 states that 83% of Americans can’t afford college.  The average college tuition is over $25,000 U.S. dollars!  It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that that is expensive.  The average American cannot afford such prices.  Most of America’s upper class can’t even afford such prices. This is exactly the reason why some countries like Denmark provide a 100% free college tuition.

Closing Argument

If we made freshman year a requirement with the possibility for scholarships, our youth and even those older generations going back to college would have a much better chance.  Those who drop out of college after their freshman year because it isn’t for them or because it is too difficult would then have the opportunity to save money and make the decision for themselves before making the investment or the four year commitment.