Cougar Player of the Week


PoW Micah Hutchins

Here at Ada High School we like to recognize a player who goes above and beyond expectations. The player in this weeks edition hasn’t had the best start to his senior year, starting for the Ada Cougars, defensive lineman Micah Hutch. He has been a powerhouse on the defensive side for the Cougars since his first appearance under the Friday night lights, his sophomore year. Hutch, to this day, has multiple colleges wanting him to bring his size, skill and work ethic to their school.

“Hutch, week end and week out does a tremendous job for us defensively, he definitely provides great leadership on the team, his work ethic in practice is evident on Friday nights. He’s put a great deal of time and effort into becoming a better football player than last year. Physically he’s grown, mentally he’s matured, he is a tough nosed player and as I mentioned before he puts in the work in practice  and that carries over on to Friday nights. Hutch is a dominate force for us and you can ask any team we’ve played, they’ve had to prepare for him. He’s a one man wrecking crew and we are truly blessed to have him on our team” , said Mart Lemming.

Lemming has seen the improvements Hutch has made since his first year as assistant coach here at Ada and couldn’t be more proud.

“It’s an honor, and i feel really good about receiving this award. I’m going to keep working hard and doing what’s best for the team.”

Hutch has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the defensive side of the Cougars. There is never a time where he is trying to better himself for the next level of football. Hutch, the man all his teammates believe deserves player of the week, deserves this award day in and day out for his hard work this far into the season.

Coaches from opposing teams have came up to him after games and told him their teams offense has worked all week to try and stop him. The coaches that approach him tell him that they still haven’t found a way to stop him.