Students lead movement to open gym during lunch


Ms. Cady Merchant and Mrs. Jamie Weston’s 5th hour class has been working on a project to open up the old gym during lunch.

Two weeks ago they gave out surveys to the students that are at the school during lunch. The goal was to find out how many people would use the gym if it was opened, and many people said they would. Thirty-seven of the 47 students surveyed said they would use the old gym if it was open during lunch.

The next step for this group is to put all of their statistics and information into a project booklet. The group will then present their proposal to the health advisory committee, in about 2 weeks.

Merchant has said, “My students are doing an awesome job. They’re working really hard to work to get the old gym open and we have a really good case for it. I think a lot of students would benefit from having the old gym open at lunch to do different physical activity, but I’m really proud of my students. They’re doing an awesome job.”

The group is trying to get the old gym opened during lunch for the students that stay at the school. It will give students the chance to participate in different activities and promote a healthier lifestyle at Ada High.