What’s your Story?

Whats your Story?

The Ringling College Creative Awards is a national competition for students in grades seven through twelve. They will be helped to meet the challenge of communicating through a variety of media in this new century.

This contest began on October 15 and goes on until February 15. There is no entry fee, a purchase or payment of any kind will increase your chance of winning.

This year’s 2014/2015 contest is based on THE GIVER. In this contest students are asked to identify their elsewhere. What are their goals, their destination(s),and other aspects in their life that they would want to change.

Students can tell their story in 1 of 3 ways:

  • 100 words or less, complemented by a supporting photo
  • 100 words or less, complemented by a supporting illustration
  • 250 words or less in an essay, poem, song lyrics, haiku, or other written form

Contestants will be judged in two grade ranges seven through nine, and ten through twelve….for each of the three contest categories.