Litter Bugs Rolling In


Excessive litter in the parking lots has been a major problem this year. Due to students refusing to carry their trash to the trash cans, all students have been threatened to have their lunch reduced from 45 minutes down to 30 minutes. Mr. Maloy, the principal at Ada High School, says that the problem with the litter is getting better.

As of right now lunch will not be cut down to 30 minutes, but students need to do their part and keep their trash either in their cars, or in the trash cans. Any student caught littering will receive 5 days of ISD (In School Detention). It’s not just Seniors or Juniors, it’s all of the students. Make sure to throw trash away, Mr. Maloy will be watching. If this problem continues, lunch will be cut and the extra time will be added to 5th hour classes.

The current trash problem is not all due to the students. The trash cans have been over flowing with trash, and the wind has played a factor blowing it out. As a result, leadership classes  have gone out and cleaned up after the whole school.

Brian McClure, a Sophomore Student said, ” I don’t understand why people would throw their trash on the ground instead of throwing it in the trash cans. If they look around, there are trash cans all in front of the school.  All they have to do is pick one and throw their trash in it.”

It’s safe to say, everyone likes their 45 minutes lunch break, so do your part and throw your trash away. It’s not difficult, it keeps others from having to do unnecessary work, and it helps improve the appearance of Ada High.