Color Run Funds Prom


The second annual Cougar Color Fund Run was Saturday November 8th at 10 A.M.  The cost to get in the race for students was $15, adults $20, and a team $50.  The money raised in the Color Run will be used for the Junior and Senior Prom.  The course is two miles, starting at the ACAC parking lot and goes around Wintersmith park.

There were around 100 people participating in the Fund Run this year, and quite a bit of money was raised for the AHS prom.

As Mrs. Moore said, “It went really great and I’m appreciative of all the parents and students that pitched in.”

Nestor Powell, who ran in the color run said, “Our color run was on par if not more effective than last years.  I worked last years color run, and it being a trial yeal for such an event, was quite successful.   I really enjoyed the color run, there was several children who stepped up and ran it, but i do have an important message to give to the public for any future color runs.  PLEASE bring yourself and your children goggles and or glasses to cover your face.  We had several instances where small children or even some adults had some color in their eye.  Even thoughh its virtually harmless and corn starch based, it still creates an uncomfortable feeling inside the eyes of young ones.”

The color run was a success. Everyone did the best they could and helped a lot with getting money for the Prom this year.