Lamar Jackson is changing the game

The day is draft day. Thirty-one teams have already chosen who they were going to draft to be the future stars of their franchise. Lamar Jackson, a former Heisman winning quarterback from Louisville had expected his name to be called early. He had been told all year that “his game would not translate well to the NFL” or “that he would never be a starter in the NFL.” All hope seemed lost for the college star being selected in the first round, that was, until the Baltimore Ravens called. They decided to trade up and select him with the last pick in the first round.

In an interview after he was drafted, he promised reporters that “he would bring Baltimore a super bowl.” And right now, it’s looking just that way.

The Baltimore Ravens are arguably the best team in the NFL currently, and statistically have one of the best offenses in the league’s history. Thanks to the elite play fromĀ  Jackson.

When watching his college tapes, most logical football fans would say that he would not be destined for the NFL. He was much better at running than throwing in college and would struggle making the accurate passes that an NFL starter would make with ease.

That all changed with the Ravens. Instead of forcing Jackson to learn their system and force him to play like a pocket passing quarterback, they built the system around him, which may be a first in the NFL. Most head coaches in the NFL already have systems that they bring with them to a team. However, John Harbaugh (Ravens head coach) adapted and built a playbook around Lamar Jackson’s skill set. He signed offensive weapons such as running back Mark Ingram and drafted speedster wide receiver Marquise Brown. With all of the help for his star QB, Harbaugh knew it would be his time to shine and it has been.

Lamar Jackson currently has the best pass rating in the league and is top three in touchdowns thrown. He’s been able to use his legs too and has six rushing touchdowns. He has been at the top of his game and it looks like he’s not done yet. He is currently the front runner for the MVP award and has a very high chance at providing Baltimore the Super Bowl he promised on draft day.