Battle with it!

Softball game from August 21, 2015

In Tuesday’s game Ada High School’s Lady Cougars Battled the Pauls Valley High School Lady Panthers where the Lady Cougars won 3-2!

According to coach Erin Mitchell “it was a game of mental toughness”. Until the 5th inning the Lady Cougars softball team was down by two, struggling to keep up with the Panthers. After starting the 5th inning, coaches Mitchell and Christie Jennings had a talk with their team.

It was not until the 6th inning, when Maycee Bottoms  stepped up to bat and hit the first outfield ball of the game,that excitement and motivation were brought to the team.

Next up to bat was Dixie Redman.  D. Redman hit her ball to left field for a single. D. Redman stole second before her sister, Kaitlyn Redman,  was up to bat. K. Redman received four balls and was walked to first, making the bases loaded.

Before Morganne Freeman went up to bat, she had an inspirational talk with Mitchell and Jennings. Stepping up to the box, she had a lot of pressure on her, but once she took a swing, she hit the ball up the middle.

She ran hard to first and was safe, which caused a ripple effect allowing Bottoms and D. Redman to score and leaving K. Redman at third.

Freeman delayed stole second (pretending to steal the base, faking back to first, then running to second) causing all focus to shift to her, allowing K. Redman to cross home.

K. Redman’s run changed the score from 0-2 to 3-2 at the perfect time, bringing another victory to the Ada Lady Cougars!