2015-2016 Cheer tryouts


Who is it that gets the crowd excited at the football and the basketball games? The cheerleaders do, but how does one become a cheerleader?  On April 8th, SHS held cheerleading tryouts for the 2015-2016 squad.

Those auditioning were graded on their ability to perform certain stunts, gymnastics, and dance skills. There was a panel of judges that graded them on how well they performed. Sixteen young ladies passed the test this year.

Olivia Beall, Gillian Cloar, Abbie Gandy, Destini Hammack, Lindsay Manuel, Marleigh Mcclure, Hope Mcdonalds, Kaelie Miller, Kendal Nickerson, Mallori Patton, Brittany Prince, Taylor Skillern, Lexie Speed, Makenna Strunk, Rhyle Sutton, and last but not least, Madison Reeves.