The Cougars Lunge Past the Lions


Courtesy of Ada Evening News

The student section was roaring to life as the games with the Durant Lions began.  Ada needed another win to make up for the losses that they gained recently.  The Lady Cougars set the tempo for the night as the games began as darkness fell over the gym.  The Cougars then used that tempo to attack the Lions.

The Lady Cougars went on the offensive as the Lady Lions tried to defend against the unremitting scoring.  The Cougars also where on the ball as the seconds ticked off the clock.  Scoring points was not going to be a problem in both games.

The Lady Cougars used their claws as they defended against the Lady Lions.  The Lady Cougars were impenetrable as the game continued throughout the night.  The Cougars proved to be just as dangerous on the defensive end.  The Lions were just unable to score enough points to stay in the game with the Cougars.

In the end, Durant was no match for Ada as both teams were beaten with ease.  The final score for the Lady Cougars was Ada 63 and Durant 36.  The Cougars’ final score was Ada 67 and Durant 52.  The win was well-earned as the Cougars can put yet another win in the books as they go up against the Duncan Demons.