Ripping Away the Wildcats

Courtesy of the Ada Evening News

Courtesy of the Ada Evening News

The Cougars headed to Madill to face off against the Wildcats.  As the spectators filed themselves into the bleachers, the game was about to begin.

The Cougars’ offense was on point as the Cougars were able to score at will.  The Wildcats defense was useless as Ada scored repeatedly.

The defense of the Cougars was amazing as the Wildcats tried to stay close on the scoreboard.  The Cougars were able to control the offense as they tried to penetrate to the basket.

The score at the of the game was Ada 57 and Madill 30.  The win was an easy one as the Cougars headed home.

The Lady Cougars did an impressive job handling Madill.  At the beginning of the game, the Lady Cougars got off with a rocky start as the Lady Wildcats took the lead. Ada soon turned the tables; however, as they took the lead.

After the Lady Cougars fixed their mistakes, they were able to easily take off with the game. The offense was rock solid as the game went on as Madill tried to stop the continuous drives.

Ada’s defense proved to be an awesome force indeed as the game came to a close.  The Lady Wildcats tried with all the might to make an comeback, but were unable to best the Lady Cougars.

The game finally came to an end with another easy win as the Lady Cougars beat the Lady Wildcats 55 to 34.