A Close Shave With the Savages

Courtesy of adacougarsports.com

Courtesy of adacougarsports.com

As the lights dimmed and the howl of the crowd decreased, the jump of the game happened.  The Cougars had been practicing to face the Savages all break and all the hard work was paying off in the first quarter.  The game was going to be a close and competitive  but the Cougars were in it to win it.

The Cougar offense was just amazing as they continued to score on the Savages. The Savages were relentless; however, as the stopped the Cougars from gaining a huge lead. The Savages proved to be a worthy opponent in the second half as they repeatedly stop drives. The cougars were going to have to buckle down on defense.

Ada worked hard on defense as they stopped drives in the first half but the second half slipped away from the Cougars as Tecumseh tied the game.

In overtime, the crowd was silent as the game went on as both teams fought for the advantage. In the final seconds of the game, the Cougars went for a layup and scored the final points of the game. Scores for the game was Ada 52 and Tecumseh 50.

The Lady Cougars were just as great in their game. The Savages were just unable to stop the Cougars as they repeatedly score possession after possession.  The Lady Cougars were able to gain a huge lead early in the game.

Ada’s defense was just impenetrable as the continued to stop the Savages from gaining an advantage in the game.  The game was soon one-sided as the game came to a close in the final minutes. The final score of the game was Ada 50 and Tecumseh 20.

Continue to cheer both the Cougars and the Lady Cougars as they head into the EC Tournament the same week. GO COUGARS!!!!!