Colliding With the Comets


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Courtesy of AHS Yearbook Staff

The crowds’ roars were dulled to an anticipating silence as the game started.  The Ada Cougars first basketball game of the regular season was up against the Dickson Comets. As the score continued to rise, so did the the fire inside the student section.  As soon as the eighth point was scored for the Cougars, the student section erupted in cheer. The game was an absolutely stunning performance by both teams.

The Cougars were just unstoppable as they continued to drive towards the basket.  The Comets tried their hardest to stop the offense ,but they were no match for the Cougar speed and size. Ada continued to score at will throughout the game.

The Comets tried to match the Cougars speed when they were on offense, but it just couldn’t be done. The Cougars stopped the Comets on multiple drives that resulted in fast breaks. The Cougar defense was a fearsome sight as they held the Comets to 33 points.

The game ended with the final score being Ada 53 and Dickson 33. Twenty points was a sizable lead that granted the Cougars a great win. The Cougars record is now 4-0 as they continue their season. Continue to cheer on the Cougars as they go up against the Tecumseh Savages.