Eagles Swoop in for the Kill

As the cold winter wind came drifting in, the Cougars prepared for the game against the Weatherford Eagles.  As soon as the opening kickoff started, the Cougars attacked.

The Cougars’ offense showed the Eagles the fierceness that all Cougars have.  The Cougars did all they could as they continued to push the Eagles.  The offense tried their hardest; however, the cougars could only manage one touchdown.

The Cougars’ determination was hard to match when they were on defense.  As the Eagles continued their drives toward the red zone, the Cougars did all they could to stop the drives.  The Cougars fought with utmost fury as they tried to fight.

As the cold night came to an end, all the hearts of the Cougars sank. The final score was Cougars 7 and Eagles 20.  The first round of playoffs for the Cougars was over, and the Cougars playoffs journey came to an end.  The football season has come to an end with the win-lose ratio 8-3.  Have faith and continue to support next year’s Cougars.