Swimming Circles Around Glenpool


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Courtesy of Jeanie Neal

The first district game of the season was a smash hit. On Friday, September 26th, the Cougars went to Glenpool looking for a win and found one.

The district teams came out to play but the Cougars were determined to win. The Cougar defense was just absolutely dominating the Warriors.  Glenpool was unable to stop the Cougars when they got ball.

The game was very one-sided, with the score at halftime being Ada 21 and Glenpool 0. The Warriors finally scored in the third quarter but just couldn’t do it again as the Cougars went in for the kill. There were multiple interceptions to help the Cougars with their win.

The Cougars are on a roll now with 3 wins and 1 loss. Come out and support your Cougars with all your might as they make their way to the Gold Ball.