2020 Senior Superlative winners announced


2020 Superlative Winners


All-Around Boy:

Jake Shannon


All-Around Boy Finalists:

Landon Swopes

Canaan Miller

Enoch Porter

Matt Maloy


All-Around Girl:

Torri Bray


All-Around Girl Finalists:

Carly Weems

Kara Keith

Katy Kemp

Hunter Martinez


Mr. Cougar:

Joseph Feezel


Mr. Cougar Finalists:

Bo Odom

Michael Draper

Bo Charboneau

John Boone


Miss Cougar:

Olivia Ballard


Miss Cougar Finalists:

Sarah Kate Childers

Abbie Yates

Colee Rogers

Bree Coyle


Most likely to become Tik Tok famous:

Bethany Marvin & Bo Odom


Most likely to be on the cover of Vogue:

Sarah Kate Childers & Reese Siegle


Best gal pals:

Victoria Evans & Karla Charqueno


Best bromance:

Matt Maloy & Jake Laxton


Cutest couple that never was:

Jake Shannon & Rian McFarlane


Most likely to remain high school sweethearts:

Abbie Yates & Braden Maloy


Worst driver:

Hannah Lemons & Trent Ross


Best accent:

Daryn Allison & Esaie Beam


Best dancer:

Olivia Ballard & Jose Feezel


Best dressed:

Jillian Brassfield & Cameron Nichols


Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30:

Raynie Cravatt & Tyler Bailey


Most likely to move out of the country:

Madison Brumley & Landon Swopes


Most likely to lead a protest: 

Monica Guajardo, Trinity Whitehead, & Seth Coshatt


Most likely to take over the world:

Avery Brown & Michael Draper


Most likely to be late to their own wedding:

Stephanie Luckey & Weston Bacon


Most likely to cheer you up:

Torri Bray & Kyle Luckey


Biggest prankster:

Amelia Holtzman & Carlos Lerma


Biggest flirt:

Sophie Scroggins &Isaiah Castaneda


Most changed since freshman year:

Katy Kemp & Tanner Byrd


Best to take home to mom:

Carly Weems & Michael Draper


Most likely to take a dare:

Bree Coyle & Demarkca Austin


Best Snap stories:

Zoe Rockey & Cole Crabtree


Most Intelligent:

Cait Gurley, Deborah Thornton & Dalton Carson


Biggest teacher’s pet:

Lauren John & Tyler Brassfield


Biggest life of the party:

Kara Keith & John Boone


Most like to make the biggest impact:

Makayla Freeman, Andres Alamilla, & Eulalio Rangel


Best laugh:

Erika Aguirre & Seth Coshatt


Most likely to become a trophy wife/husband:

Hailey Gunter & Winston Brown


Most likely to drop their phone in the toilet:

Alyssa Colungo & Jason Abbott


Most likely to become the next Picasso: 

Bryanna Howard & Dominick Lowry


Most likely to write a best-seller:

Madison Edwards & Nathan Thomas


Best Actress/Actor: 

Izy Wilkerson & Canaan Miller


Most likely to win The Voice:

Kyla Mitchell & Zachary Sampson


*Superlative photos will take place on Tuesday in the ACAC Hospitality Room. If you are only her for certain hours, please let Mrs. Weston know by the end of the day Monday. Congratulations!