Construction finished at Ada High

There have been several changes to Ada High over the summer. The school has new buildings and the parking lot was re-paved.

Jeff Maloy the Principal at Ada High, said, “I am very pleased with the new parking lot and new building. I was afraid the parking lot would not be finished in time for school.”

Maloy is worried the absence of  speed bumps in the new senior lot will lead to a student speeding problem.  However, he is ultimately pleased with the aesthetics of the new changes.

According to Maloy, “The new building and parking lot make the school look better.”

The new building is now the safe room for Ada High.  In the event of a tornado, students and faculty will now be evacuated to the addition. The building can house up to 603 people. There are currently 509 students and approximately 40 faculty members, meaning the new building has more than enough room to hold everyone at Ada High.

Christy Brown, a Marketing teacher at Ada High said, ” I like that the new building is really clean and nice… has its own Wifi… [and] I like how the new parking lot does not have pot holes.”

Since the parking lot has been re-paved, students can now find their spots more easily. Due to a lack of funding, only the senior lot has been re-paved at this time.

“I like that the new parking lot does not have speed bumps, I like how I can actually find my parking spot now. The new parking lot looks good,” said Ada High Senior, Sheldon Hysten.

With several changes around Ada High, the new parking lot is a crowd favorite amongst students.