ACT now free for juniors


Photo: Cady Merchant

AHS students taking a practice ACT test.

This year, juniors can take their first ACT exam without charge.

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, 11th graders statewide have the opportunity to take the college-entrance test for free. The costs are covered by the OSDE for all public high schools willing to participate in the voluntary initiative.

Oklahoma has been using the ACT for more than half a century. It is among the twenty-two states that will be taking part in the free program this year.

According to the ACT website, it is “the leading US college admissions test, measuring what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college.” The cost for taking the ACT ranges from around $40 to $60, not including additional registration fees and services.

Becky Robnett is one of the many juniors impacted by this program.

“The new ACT initiative would help my classmates and I by giving us an opportunity to seek a higher goal in life. Some of my classmates may now be able to take the ACT which, because of private reasons, may not have been attainable before. I hope that many of my fellow classmates will take this opportunity.”

Some Ada High teachers are also excited about this free ACT.

“It’s wonderful that every student will have the opportunity to take the ACT.  This may open up doors for some students. I definitely plan to incorporate more ACT prep in my classes around the time of our free test date,” said Jamie Weston, AHS English teacher.

Ada High School juniors may take the ACT exam for free on March 29.

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