Movie Review: The Lost Boys


Vampires have been present in horror films for years, dating as far back as Bela Lugosi’s Dracula (1931) or German vampire movie Nosferatu (1922).  However, many of today’s modern vampires are straying from the traditional bloodthirsty vampire image, in favor of a softer, more romantic vampire, turning the entire genre into a romantic cliche that just happens to contain vampires. That to me, is not truly a vampire movie.

The Lost Boys (1987) is what a vampire movie should be, and it can sink its fangs into any other vampire movie that has been made. 

Directed by Joel Schumacher, the movie follows brothers, Michael and Sam Emerson, who after moving to a new town discover that the area is a haven for vampires. The hijinks of a group of kids battling these vampires combines equal parts action and comedy for pure entertainment for most viewers. 

According to Box Office Mojo the film has grossed over $32 million since its release, indicating that a lot of people agree with me on this one.

What make this movie so great? Well for starters, the guys playing vampires are pretty easy on the eyes and the overall acting is very spot on.

 Jason Patric plays older brother, Michael Emerson, while Corey Haim portrays Sam Emerson, the younger sibling. The “lost boys” are made up of Kiefer Sutherland as David, Brooke McCarter as Paul, Billy Wirth as Dwayne and Alex Winter as Marko.

The Lost Boys from left to right: Paul, David, Dwayne and Marko

I can definitely dig the whole rocker-metal style they have going on. Who doesn’t love a bad boy? And it doesn’t get much worse than a bad boy vampire.

If I had to rank the hotness of these guys on a scale of 1-10, here’s how they would stack up:

  • Patric 5
  • Haim 5
  • Sutherland 5
  • Wirth 8
  • Winter 10 

Winter’s character of Marko has to take the top prize because he is adorable, outgoing, likes to joke around, and is like the vampire big brother.

Photo by
David in his vampire form

However, if hot guys aren’t factored into your movie choices, there are still plenty of other reasons to watch The Lost Boys. The special effects in this movie are phenomenal for their time.They are very realistic to the eye. The vampire makeup, nails and design are especially amazing. The outfits and hairstyles shows who they are and what they are all about.

The vampire makeup consists of them having arched brow bones slanting towards the bridge of the nose, raised cheek bones, fangs and yellow eyes rimmed with red. The outfits and hairstyles are suited well for the 1980s with quite a bit of black and leather. They all have long hairstyles, but you can definitely tell them all apart.

No movie can be complete without a great soundtrack. The Lost Boys soundtrack is primarily rock music which goes great with the 80s clothes and hair. Once of the more popular songs from the movie was Lost in the Shadow by Lou Gramm. It really fit the plot of the movie.

For my overall rating of The Lost Boys, I thought it appropriate to use a scale of 1 to 5 fangs.  Now that’s a scale I can really sink my teeth into.

  • Attractive men-5 fangs
  • Vampire makeup- 5 fangs
  • Acting- 5 fangs
  • Difference between other movies- 4 fangs
  • Overall performance- 5 fangs

The Lost Boys is a well made movie, but I wished the movie would have ended differently. I was attached to all the characters and was not prepared for the departure of some. The best part about this movie is that the vampires were actually vampires. No sparkling vampires here. No pesky vampire self-loathing either. The Lost Boys embrace what the are and have the time of their lives.