Movie Review: Furious 7


Fast and Furious is one of the biggest movie series of the decade. It’s been getting even more publicity since November, 2013 after Paul Walker’s death. The anticipation of the last movie of the series, Furious 7, was bumped even higher after Walker’s death. Every fan was waiting to see what happened next, or if there would even be a Furious 7. The movie had to be pushed back an entire year to be retooled so the directors didn’t have to kill off Paul Walker’s character. With the help of Walker’s brothers and advanced technology, they were able to finish the movie.

I can’t really criticize Furious 7 because it had so much going against it. However, the plot wasn’t very well put together, the characters made stupid decisions, and some of the dialogue made me cringe. The movie was very intense and filled with action. Having never seen any of the other movies, I was a little lost, but I could follow along well enough to somewhat enjoy it.

“It’s the closest thing we’ll get to seeing a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ movie.” -Liam Gadd, a movie critic. I completely agree, there were tons of (stealing) nice cars and half-naked women all over the place. If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto, I’m sure you’ll love Furious 7.