Who’s Who!

Whos Who!

Here’s your who’s who of senior class 2014!

  • BEST BROMANCE: Joey Jefferson/Elijah Wilbanks
  • BEST CAR: Jade Saunders/Jacob Reed
  • BEST DRESSED: Claire Bradam/Canaan Roberson
  • BEST HAIR: Menee’ Thomsen/Scott Johnson
  • BEST PERSONALITY: Olivia Pruitt/Mark Morgenthaler
  • BEST PHYSIQUE: Amaris Smitherman/Chase Lott
  • BIGGEST FLIRT: Paige Terral/Casey Mankin
  • BUSIEST COUGAR: Haley Dean/Jake Boone
  • CLASS CLOWN: Madison Cartwright/Austin Johnson
  • CUTEST COUPLE: Brooklyn Cupps/Micah Simmer
  • FRIENDLIEST: Roudee Humphers/ Sean Williams
  • FUNNIEST LAUGH: Devon Anderson/ Hunter Fulton
  • LOUDEST: Kourtlyn Nolin/ Colton Blankenship
  • MOST ATHLETIC: Aaliyah Blakley/ Walker Whitworth
  • MOST CHANGED: Makayla Bray/ Jacob Taylor
  • MOST LIKELY TO BE A MILLIONAIRE: Aubrey Halford/ Will Speed
  • MOST LIKELY TO BE PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Bagwell/ Kishawn Coleman
  • MOST LIKELY TO STAY IN ADA: Rikki Horton/ Cason Teel/ Scotty Furimsky
  • MOST SPIRITED: Jaycee Boydstun/ Danny Lamb
  • MOST UNIQUE STYLE: Isabell Gutierrez/ Steven Davidson
  • PRETTIEST EYES: Sami Jewett/ Eli Flinn
  • PRETTIEST SMILE: Natalie Lowry/ Coleman Dennis
  • SHYEST: Camry Lemons/ Minh Nguyen
  • TALLEST/SHORTEST: Brianna Sellon/ David Forbes
  • TEACHER’S PET: Taylor Mitchell/ Dalton Cummins
  • WORST DRIVER: Jordyn Fortner/ Camron Large