RUSH week is coming up! It starts on February 25 and ends on March 1. The theme for RUSH week is “Power Up” using super heroes. We need help so if anyone is interested in helping, pick up a RUSH committee application from room 124. We will be decorating this week with times scheduled in the evenings and during the weekend. You can go to Mrs. Freeman for details on that. Also, if your group is running for RUSH cup, make sure Student Council knows so you can be advertised.

On Monday, the opening assembly is during fourth hour. The night event is Taco Dinner at the Central Church of Christ 5-8, it is an All you can eat tacos and fixings along with basket raffles. On Tuesday, dodgeball is during fifth hour. The night event for Tuesday is TBD. On Wednesday, the student Talent Show is during sixth hour. For Thursday, the day event is Dynamic Duo Game Show is during second hour, and the night event for Thursday is the Dog Show. And finally, on Friday, our DARE Assembly is during fourth and fifth hour. The night event for Friday is the student dance.

Don’t forget to buy RUSH bracelets! You can buy a bracelets from student council or Mrs. Freeman. The RUSH bracelets cost $20. If you buy RUSH bracelets give you admittance to all the events. It is $7 for the daily events but will only be good for that day and evening event.

How did RUSH Week begin? Well, what Mrs. Freeman had to say about it pretty much answers that, as she said “RUSH Week began as our Student Council kids kept getting more involved with the Oklahoma Association and talked to other schools who have had philanthropy leagues to where they would chose a charity and raise money and get their student body involved.”

Each year, RUSH Week changes, for example, Landon Swopes, a Student Council member here at Ada High, said “This year, we started planning a little bit further ahead so we were a little bit more prepared. This year, we also have two completely different donors; for the recipients, instead of two high school students, we have one high school student and Ada Homeless Services.”

Since some of the money will be going to Chandler Turner, a student at Ada High School, how does Turner and his family feel about RUSH Week? Well since there was a video of Turner saying how he felt about it, a journalist asked Alexis Turner to look at it from her perspective. “My family was super stoked about RUSH Week, and we thought it was a really great opportunity for Chandler to expand his opportunities in job careers and being able to access things that normally he wouldn’t be able to access.” Said Alexis Turner.