Winter: the most chill

Crested Butte, Colorado - Winter

Photo: Mackenzee Crosby

Crested Butte, Colorado – Winter

The thought of winter for me evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia. Winter is a time for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Hannukah, and many more holidays. At Ada High School, and even just in Mrs. Weston’s journalism class, there is a big debate between summer and winter. I myself am on the winter side of the argument.

When I think of summer, I think of the endless sweat and heat that goes along with it. The high temperatures bring along bugs, sweat, and sunburns. I have to admit there are many positives to the season of summer, including popsicles and hours spent swimming in the sun. However, as fun as these activities may be, my hatred of hot weather trumps all of them.

On the other hand, winter is peaceful relief from the stress of summer. In the summer, once you reach a point of extremely light clothing you’re as cooled off as you’ll get. In the winter, it’s quite the contrary. You can always bundle up more or use gloves and hand warmers to keep yourself warm.

Another great thing about winter is the food. There’s nothing like a freshly cooked hot meal, and winter is the perfect time for it. When it’s cold outside, you can cozy up with tea, coffee, hot cocoa or soup. Even better, it’s also the time for comfort food. This means mac n’ cheese, casseroles, warm bread, and other rich meals. If you eat like this in the summer, the heat would make you sick, which is why winter is better.

One reason that I’m probably partial to wintertime is the sports. I have a love for skiing and playing in the snow. I also have a love for swimming in the summer, but the heat trumps the fun of it every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who enjoys walking in the freezing wind without a coat. Yes, feeling that icy burn run down your body is something that makes you wish you were quite literally on fire, if it meant you could be out of the cold. Although, if I’m dressed appropriately, the wind feels refreshing and the cold is almost comforting. It makes you want to cuddle up with a movie or run around and feel the cool breeze against your face.

There are times when I think I love the summer more, and times when I think I love the winter more; however, when it boils down to it, I sometimes dislike the cold, but I always dislike the heat.