How do you learn?


School is a big part of your life, whether you like it or not. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, Oklahoma’s average school day lasts roughly 7 hours (6.63 hours, to be exact). That’s a little over a quarter of your day!

So how do you learn? You’ve probably already taken a test telling you what your learning style was a long time ago. If so, the words “intrapersonal” and “auditory-musical” might ring a bell. If you haven’t, your learning style greatly affects the way you learn (of course) and gives a little bit of insight on what your personality is like. Your teachers find this very important, and knowing how you learn can save you both a lot of time.

There are seven main styles of learning: visual, solitary, aural, social, verbal, physical, and logical. Look at the image below and see which one fits you best!


This quiz can help you determine which style of learning you have. However, it only names three of the seven styles: visual, verbal, and physical. Still, it’s a fun 20-question test that shows your percentage in each style.  Good luck with the rest of the year.