Rare full moon on Homecoming Game Night


Photo: https://www.14news.com/2019/09/10/rare-full-harvest-micromoon-is-coming-friday-th/

Friday the 13th is a spooky date. You hear the date and it sends a chill to your bones–but hold on to your witch hat.

 This year it is the homecoming football game and the night of one of the rarest moons in 19 years. The last time it was full on this infamous date was October 13, 2000.

This full moon is also a “micromoon” meaning it will be smaller and dimmer than normal full moons. The next micrommoon will be in  2049, but in August.

Photo: Jamie Weston

According to the Farmers Almanac, it is also the “Harvest Moon” because it’s the closest full moon nearest to the autumn equinox (Sep 23). It is also said that farmers used the moonlight to continue to gather their summer grown crops. 

Don’t let this day rain on your parade, it’s still game day or just a regular Friday. 

Have a great Friday the 13th!