2016 Election Results



America’s new president is Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump representing the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton representing the Democratic Party were the front runners for this years election. Donald Trump won the election with 29o electoral votes. Hillary Clinton received 232 electoral votes even though she won the popular votes Trump wins the Presidency.

In local elections, House District 25 seat was retained by Republican incumbent Todd Thomsen, who will begin his final term in this position, Republican Greg McCortney won the District 13 seat in the Oklahoma Senate and voters decided to re-elect Republican Sheriff John Christian.

The other issues on the ballot were the State Questions, SQ 777 or the Right to Farm was not passed as well as SQ 779 which was to increase sales tax by 1% to generate revenue for schools, SQ 780 & 781 which reclassifies certain drug crimes as misdemeanors and also funds rehabilitative treatment for drug offenders instead of prison time, SQ 790 was rejected, it’s purpose was to repeal a part of the Oklahoma Constitution that prohibits public money being spent for religious purposes, SQ 792 passed which allows grocery and convenience stores to carry full-strength beer and wine, SQ 776 which protects the death penalty in Oklahoma also passed.