FCCLA makes Ada High comeback

Family Career and Community Leaders of America, also known as FCCLA, is making a comeback at Ada High School this year. Toni Jones, Ada High’s new FACS teacher, has taken matters into her own hands and plans to do many activities and branch out across the community.

“This year in FCCLA, I hope that we can boost membership, get a lot of members, and do a lot of activities, community service projects, and see students do group activities as a team,” said Jones

Although this club has not had a prominent place at the high school in the past, Jones believes that over the next year it will excel in many of the activities they participate in and will really stand out.

To be eligible for FCCLA membership, students must have complete, or currently be enrolled in, at least one semester of FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class.

Jones has plans for the Ada High FCCLA chapter to participate in competitions.

“We will be attending a district event in October, and we will also be attending Star Events, where students go and compete in lots of different categories. Also, we will be doing some community service events at Early Childhood Center, and we will be going to state convention, and lots of other activities,” said Jones.

The new FCCLA programs intends to help prepare students to take on leadership roles, build strong family values, and participate in community service projects.

Halle Goodwin, sophomore at Ada High,plans to participate in the new FCCLA program.

“I am looking forward to going to state convention, making new friends, and recruiting a lot of members!”

State convention is typically at the end of the year, and members from all over the state join together for activities and get a chance to meet face-to-face.

FCCLA dues are $12 dollars. T-shirts may be purchased for an additional $25 dollars. See Mrs. Jones in room 137 for additional information or to become an FCCLA member.