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Tiyanna Melendez
Tiyanna Melendez is a Senior Editor and reporter for The Cougar Call. In 2016 she achieved her goal of winning a first place award in state competitions. In addition, she also earned a second place award. Throughout her whole life, she has loved writing as much as she loves animals. She has a niece (Lily) and a nephew (Bentley), four sisters (Krista, Anita, Alicia, and Samurai) and a brother (Noa).

Melendez has been in journalism for three years and has pushed herself to achieve every goal she has had. Being a senior editor she feels it is her "duty" to set an example for the newcomers and show them how wonderful writing can be.

Previously, she was a waitress at Boom-a-rang Diner and JD's Cafe. She is currently working at Goodwill. After school she trains horses at her dad's ranch and spends time with her duck.


Tiyanna Melendez, Senior Editor

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